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ポスドク募集のお知らせ MGH Center for Cancer Research

The Shioda Lab in the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Cancer Research is seeking a highly motivated and creative postdoctoral research fellow who is willing to lead independent research projects in human germline stem cell biology and oncofertility.

Successful candidate will perform basic science investigations on cell and molecular biology, genetics, genomics, epigenetics/epigenomics, of human primordial germ cells, other types of human/mouse germline cells, and human testicular cancer cells. The major goals of the projects include (1) molecular biology of epigenetic reprogramming in human primordial germ cells; (2) evaluation of (epi)genetic effects of drugs (including chemotherapy) or environmental chemicals on germline cell development using human cell culture models; and (3) reconstitution of the carcinogenic process of human germ cell tumors.

The applicant should hold (a) PhD and/or MD degree(s) in the relevant biological fields of research. Preferred experience include mammalian cell culture (especially ES and iPS cell culture), deep sequencing (library construction and data analysis), RNAi knockdown, genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9 or TALEN), lentivirus production and handling, and mouse breeding and experiments. Experience with computational data analysis and/or bioinformatics is also positively considered; however, practical work experience at the laboratory bench is required to apply for this position.

Qualified applicants should respond by sending a letter of interest to Dr. Toshi Shioda by e-mail. The letter of interest should briefly describe the applicant’s research interest, career development plan, CV, and names of three anticipated references. The lab address is MGH Center for Cancer Research, Building 149 – 7th Floor, 13th Street, Charlestown, MA 02129, USA. The earliest start date of this position will be September 1, 2018 but no later than April 1, 2019.

* Fund number 206894


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